Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions (Note) mini robot (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is offered all the services (“Services”), membership in utilizing them, making the company and its members (who agree to these Terms and complete the Registration Services refers to the user. hereinafter referred to as “Member”) to the right • The purpose of setting forth the obligations and responsibilities.

Article 2 (effect of the agreement, etc.)

1. Disclosure Terms and Conditions and agree to them to take effect by the other party. Disclosure of this Agreement in a manner that is posted on website operated by our company.
2. We may revise these Terms of firms within the range that does not violate the law, including laws relating to the regulation of terms and conditions.
3. When we revise the agreement, the company stated the effective date and reason for revision must be posted seven days prior to the effective date on the website operated by our company.
4. The third change to protest how the notice Terms and Conditions will apply to valid existing members too.

Article 3 (Definitions)

1. Member: After a company registered as a member to provide personal information or legal information refers to the person receiving the services that the company offers.
2. Member Joined: after a certain procedure provided by the company to provide personal information or legal information refers to the act of registered members.
3. Withdrawal: Company or members refers to terminate the agreement on services.
4. Member ID: member appointed for the service identify the members say the English alphabet combination of letters and numbers that the company is granted.
5. Password: Confirm that the same person with the ID received membership is granted, and the members in order to protect the privacy of members say the English alphabet combination of letters and numbers that you specify.
6. User: The company says who uses the services provided by the website.
Article 4 (Membership and Qualifications)

1. By applying to be registered as a member then join our company, and fill in the membership information in accordance with the form prescribed.
2. You can deprive the membership does not recognize our gieopneun Sign in if clauses.
① If you use another person’s Membership Application
② When describing the required written information to be false at the time of application
③ application for the purpose of violating the laws or to any such act
④ When applying for the purpose of inhibiting hi order or morals of society or those acts
⑤ If we interfere with the use of another person or company that threatens to steal the electronic trading system, including information
3. If we are deprived of that company, it canceled the membership register. In this case, you must give notice to the members a chance to call.

Chapter 2 service delivery and utilization
Article 5 (Acquisition and Use of Personal Information)

1. Our company is instituted to enforce privacy policies and comply with the Act on the acquisition and use, the protection of personal information. Privacy Policy is published by constantly at the bottom of the homepage.
2. Our company will not be able to use the personal information provided by the customer for purposes other than the Service.
3. Our company can not provide your personal information to third parties without the customer’s prior consent provided by the customer. However, when the following for each call to the exception.
① If requested by any governmental agency under the Electronic Communications Framework Act and other related laws
② or the purposes of the criminal investigation at the request of the Information Communication Ethics Committee
③ If there is a request in accordance with the procedures set forth in other laws

④ If you reveal the personal information you provide on this site

4. Management of Personal Information: You may from time to time to modify / delete your personal information in personal information management services for the protection and management of personal information. Deemed necessary part of the information received also change / can be adjusted.

5. Protection of Personal Information: Your personal information can only be seen / changed / deleted, which is being managed by the user’s ID and password. Therefore, to others, and not to give out your ID and password, to log out Must be between jobs at the end there, please close the window of your web browser. (This computer in a public place like a library or Internet cafe computer to share with others If you use in the information necessary for the protection of your information.)

It is a member of the Application for Use in accordance with these terms and conditions on this site, you accept the terms of the Account Application Form in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the collection is this site, to the use.

Article 6 (your information security)

From the moment the applicant to complete the services of the website registration process you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you enter and you are responsible for all the consequences arising from the use of the ID and password of the members are a member.

ID and which is responsible for all management responsibilities for the password, if you find that members of the ID or password has been used fraudulently, you should immediately report it to our site. Do not report all the responsibility lies with the member as a result.

Users need to shut down properly connected at the end of each use of the services of the website, and the site is responsible party by a third party not properly terminated for any damages or losses arising as a result of which make use of information about you will not be the.

Article 7 (service time)

Service Hours are seven days a week, unless special business or technical difficulty of this site, and 24 hours a day with the principle.

Paragraph 1 day hours are set by the website due to the need for such periodic inspections or time is an exception.

Article 8 (storage and use of stop and Information Service)

If you did not keep hayeotgeona deleted messages and other information filed or transmitted in the country, such as the emergency communication messages, and other administrative scope of this site outage service equipment failures and other force majeure by the Terms of Service party, could not be sent the site will not be the responsibility related party if there is a loss of the case and other communication data.

If the site is assigned to be stopped temporarily due to the difficulty of services provided in the normal service can stop the service before the service is stopped after one week notice, the site responsible party with respect to your failure to recognize the notices during this period will not be the. If there are unavoidable circumstances, the above notice period may be reduced or omitted. If you did not keep hayeotgeona also deleted the contents of such messages and other communications or archived messages that are sent to the service by stopping these services, the site per degree for the case when there is a loss not transmitted and other communication data, responsibility will not be the.

If you must stop the service permanently as a matter of this site subject to paragraph 2. However, if the notice period is one month.

The website may temporarily modify, change and stop the service after the notice, the contrary is not responsible for any liability to you or any third party.

The site is one action that the user is in violation of these Terms and Conditions sugar content of the notification of this fact to a random member of the Service Stop using (member registration cancellation) members, members with whom you can call and given the opportunity to Add the call duration (over 30 days) notation.

Article 9 (Change of services and Cancellation)

The website assumes no responsibility with regard to the damages caused by the data obtained through profit or service that you are expected to use the service, a member of the information published on this service, data, reliability of the fact that, with respect to the accuracy of such information, accountability The not.

The website is not responsible for damages caused by intention, negligence of subscribers of the damages incurred in connection with the services to their subscribers.

Article 10 (published for informational and promotional materials)

The website can be provided to members and how to show a variety of information to operate the service in the service.

The website can appear likely to take advantage of the promotions, or it deems appropriate to the service.

Article 11 (rights of the submitted posts to this site)

The rights of the posts that are posted are for you.

The website reserves the right to move to edit the posted information without prior notice, and may be deleted without notice if:

1) violation of these Terms of Service or commercial or illegal, pornographic, if you publish posts that are deemed slow

2) slander other members or third parties, or if the information damaging the honor to slander

3) In the case of information in violation of public order and morals

4) If the content is acknowledged that relate to criminal behavior

5) If the content that infringes copyright and other rights of third parties, such as

6) If the violation of other laws

Slide your post caused by infringing the copyrights of others, criminal liability will be borne by you entirely.

Article 12 (Conduct of users and service restrictions)

Or you have turn out to be the contents of the information provided is false, if reasonable grounds to suspect that the true cause this site may stop some or all of your use of the Services, which is responsible for the disadvantage caused will not pay.

YOU are liable for all of your post, transmit, e-mail and other post hayeotgeona available by other means, any form of transport or information obtained through the services of the website and this website will not bear any responsibility.

The website does not guarantee FOREGOING accuracy, completeness and quality of the services provided by the subscriber or any other related agencies, not the service provided by this site. Therefore, our site is not responsible for any damages or any kind of loss due to wear by your use of the above information.

You hereby agree not to the following actions through the Service.

1) The act of stealing another person’s identity (ID) and password

2) slow, obscene, abusive, threatening or send content that could violate the privacy of others, posted, published, transmitted by the act of e-mail or other

3) act to disguise the origin of content transmitted through the Service

4) Legal, publish information unavailable, by agreement, posted, transmitted acts as a way of e-mail or other

5) others’ patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, publish content that infringes other intellectual property rights, published, transmitted by the act of e-mail or other

6) advertising not accepted, the approval of the website, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes other form of solicitation publish, post, transmit act in the way of e-mail or other

7) act to collect or store the personal information of other users

The website is not a member, you can delete if it is determined that a violation of this Agreement all information relating to the service without the consent of the user.

Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities

Article 13 (Obligation of this site)

The website is not prohibited by laws and not to act contrary to these Terms and Conditions or morals, continuous, and reliable obliged endeavor to provide the service.

The website is not divulged to any other party without the consent of your personally identifiable information of members, not distribution. However, if there is a request by national authorities and other related laws and regulations, such as telecommunications laws, it shall not apply.

The website is user’s personal information so that you can safely use the site services per user (including credit information), you must have a security system for protection.

The website is not responsible for any troubles due to reasons attributable to the user.

Article 14 (Obligations of Members)

The information requested by the Register upon, must be filled in accurately. Also keep your information is already accurate information about you provided, shall be renewed, members will not be using their ID and password to any third party.

Members may not conduct any commercial service without the prior approval of using this site.

Members of this site without prior consent information obtained using the services of the website, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, or use other methods of broadcasting can not provide it to anyone.

Members should not engage in each of the following actions using the services of the website.

1) The act of fraud to other members of the ID

2) conduct a criminal act for the purpose of, or related to other crimes

3) good morals, and other actions undermine social order

4) act to undermine or insult another person’s honor

5) acts that infringe upon the rights of the intellectual property rights of others

6) the act of spreading computer viruses or hacking behavior

7) acts continuously transmit the advertising information, such as certain details of others against doctor

8) Any action that might compromise the safety line jugeona operation of the service

9) changes in the information published on this site

10) Other Telecommunications Act No. 53 Joe Telecommunications Business Act 16 (disturbing communication), Telecommunications Business Law acts contrary to Article 53, paragraph 3

Chapter 4 Other

Article 15 (ownership per site)

Site services provided by parties, it has the necessary software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, trademarks and intellectual property related to information and other rights, Ltd. is owned by the robot.

Your whole and for each property is given in the preceding paragraph, except where expressly authorized per site or part of the fix, rent, loan, sell, distribute, manufacture, transfer, sublicense, liens set actions, commercial use unable to act, the third party can not be permitted to allow such behavior.

Article 16 (Prohibition of Transfer)

Pass one of the members of the service, transfer and other uses contractual status to others, you can not give, you can not offer it as collateral.

Article 17 (Indemnity)

The website will even cause any damage to the Member in connection with the services provided free of charge, except for criminal acts performed intentionally per site not responsible for it.

Article 18 (Disclaimer)

The website has no obligation to represent and confident about expressing any opinion or information on service members and does not agree, disagree, or edit the opinions expressed by third parties. The website assumes no responsibility for any damage suffered any case, a member of gain or obtained depending on the information contained in the Service.

The website is not responsible for any liability nor in relation to such goods or trading in financial transactions by the service members or between members and a third party, members do not bear responsibility with regard to profit expectations in relation to your use of the Services .

Article 19 (Jurisdiction)

Litigation relating to disputes relating to the use of these terms and services are brought to the court with jurisdiction over the headquarters of the company.


Article 1 (Effective Date)
This agreement is implemented from September 11, 2006.
This agreement has been modified January 15, 2009.
This agreement is effective from January 22, 2009.
This agreement has been modified December 1, 2014.
This agreement is effective from December 7, 2014.

* Copyright for this agreement, Ltd. belongs to the mini-robot, is strictly prohibited for unauthorized reproduction, distribution, transmission, and other copyright infringement.

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