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You can make a sound and also read the music. It is big enough to draw people’s attention.

Auto stand up

MF has Auto stadn up function. Worry free for falling down.

Various actions

Pre programmed 150 actions are ported as factory default

Infrared communication

IR communication between the remote controller and MF

Motion capture

Easy programming with user friendly motion capture function

Servo motor clasification



 Vari EN


• Dancing variation :  

         MFL-17D6 6ea, MFL-17D8 8ea, MFL-17D10 10ea

• Boxing variation :

         MFL-17B2 2ea, MFL-17B4 4ea

• Soccer variation :

         MFL-17S6 6ea, MFL-17S8 8ea

• Gymnastic on the bar, Golf
Whatever you want :

          Please contact “”

 Easy assembling Metal frame

 • The same screw assembles the servo motor and frame together,

      this method enable you to assemble Metal fighter really quickly

 • The anodized metal frame leads to hardened and high strength durability

      this frame protedts battery, servo wires, and joints perfectly.

Servo motor / MRS-D2009SP

• MRS-D2009SP contains its own frame that makes it easier to assemble

• The carbonate gear that has a great durability has been applied

• The connector type’s servo motor

• Owing to HMI (Hi-technology Multi-protocol Interface), you can use ‘feedback’

     technology with simple programming.

Mother board / MR-C3024FX

 • Enable to control 24 servo

 • Excellent scalability for additional application

     16 modules (gyro, acceleration sensor, bluetooth module, RC controller, etc)

     for the further upgrade

  • Pre programmed 150 actions are ported as factory default

Software/ roboBASIC

• This is Metal Fighter programming tool based on BASIC language.

• It is simple and effective to promote creativity, problem solving, logical thinking and

     fund learning and most of all ROBOTICS

• You can program high-level motions and practice various program techniques by

     using very simple language.