Privacy Policy

<MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) is the user’s personal data protection and privacy rights and personal information in accordance with the laws of the concerns associated with the user You can help ensure a smooth process with the following processing policy.

<MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is the company will be announced through the website notice when you amend the Privacy Policy (or individual notice).

○ This policy is effective from January 1, 2014 days.

  1. The purpose of processing personal information <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) has to process personal information for the following purposes. Personal information will be handled when the intended use repurposed as a purpose other than the following deprecated, and will obtain your prior consent.
  1. Home Sign up and management

Register doctor confirmed, I identified in accordance with the subscription service, certification, membership maintenance and management, limited identification based on your hwakinje enforcement services to prevent unauthorized use, we collect personal information for children under the age of 14 when the legal guardian agrees Check, Various announcements, notifications, complaints, including record retention for dispute resolution processes personal information for the purpose.

  1. Civil petitions process

Verify the identity of the complainant, complaints confirmed, in fact, call for an investigation, to process your personal information for the purpose of notification, the notification process results and more.

The. Goods or services

Goods delivery, service, billing, content delivery, personalized service, identity authentication, age verification, billing, accounting, and handle personal information for the purpose of debt collection.

  1. Use of the marketing and advertising

New services (product) development and personalized services, events, and advertising information and participation opportunities, providing services according to demographic characteristics and advertising, validation services, or members of the services identified access frequency statistics for the use of such The purpose of processing personal information.

  1. Personal video information

Handles the prevention and investigation, safety and fire prevention facilities, including Personal Information, for the purpose of crime.

  1. Personal Information File Tracking
  1. Personal information Filename: Home Profile

– Personal information items: home address, date of birth, home phone number, mobile phone number, name, e-mail, billing records, service records, access log, the legal representative mobile phone number, home address, legal representative, legal representative home phone number, court agent name

– How we collect: Home

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

– Retention: semi-permanent

– Relevant law: Records of complaints and handling of consumer disputes: 3 years, the collection of credit information / records concerning the handling and use of 3 years, payment and supply of goods on the record: 5 years, contract or cancellation Records regarding: 5 years, records relating to the display / advertising: 6 months

The processing and retention of personal information

① <MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is holding personal data in accordance with the laws and regulations, agree to hold personal information when collecting personal information from the data subject or usage period, the use of personal information within the period processing and retention.

② each treatment and retention of personal information is as follows:


Personal Information related to the collection: from the consent be held on the use For the above purpose to use. Is used.

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

-Related laws: 1) records of consumer complaints and dispute settlement: 3 years

2) the collection of credit information / records regarding the handling and use: 3 years

– Exception Reason:


Personal information regarding is collected. From the consent of the day with to hold to the above terms and purposes are used.

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

-Related laws: 1) records of consumer complaints and dispute settlement: 3 years

2) the collection of credit information / records regarding the handling and use: 3 years

– Exception Reason:


Personal Information related to the collection: from the consent of the day with to hold to the above terms and purposes are used.

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

-Related laws: 1) records of consumer complaints and dispute settlement: 3 years

2) the collection of credit information / records regarding the handling and use: 3 years

3) records of payments and the supply of goods: 5 years

4) cancellation of the contract or record concerning: 5 years

– Exception Reason:


related to personal information collected. Reserves from the agreed work on the use to use for the above purposes will be used.

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

– Relevant law: Show / Advertising record of 6 months

– Exception Reason:

  1. “Personal Video Information>

“Personal Video Information> Personal Information relating to the collection. from the agreement regarding the use of reserves to be used for the above purposes will be used.

– Retain evidence: Website Terms and Conditions

– Relevant law: Show / Advertising record of 6 months

– Exception Reason:

  1. The information about the third party providing the private information

① <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) has the consent of the data subject, the special provisions of the law, including the Privacy Act, which corresponds to Article 17 and Article 18 If you only provide your personal information to third parties.

② <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’) is as follows: You and your personal information to third parties.

  1. Press the <>

Incoming provide personal information parties:

– Use of personal information provided recipient’s purpose:

– Provide retention recipient’s use of time:

  1. Privacy consignment

① <MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is smooth business transactions and personal data in order to foster the personal data processing operations, as follows:

  1. Press the <>

– Consignment receiving party (the trustee):

– The content of the work entrusted:

– Charging time:

② <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) is entrusted Agreement Privacy Act when commissioning process personal information for purposes other than those carried out in accordance with Article 25 prohibits, technical . administrative protection, re-charging limitations, management of the trustee director, specifying the details on the contract, including liability for damages, including documents, if the trustee is supervised safely handle your personal information.

③ If the information or the trustees of the consignment to be changed, we will work to the public through this Privacy Policy without delay.

  1. Rights of the data subject, obligations and exercise methods that users can exercise the following rights as personal data subject.

① the information subject Ltd at any time for a mini-robots (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) each of the following, you have the right to privacy.

  1. Personal information required reading
  2. If you have any needs, such as error correction
  3. Delete required
  4. Processing stops required

② exercise of rights under paragraph 1 (primary) MINIROBOT Corp. (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) for writing in accordance with the Privacy Act Enforcement Rules of Attachment No. 8 format, e-mail, facsimile (FAX), etc. are available through the (the ‘Site URL’ than ‘site name) is to let this action without delay.

③ If a data subject requests a correction or deletion of personal information, and error (the ‘Site URL’ than ‘site name) is the personal information until you complete (a) the correction or deletion use or do not.

④ exercise of rights under paragraph 1 may be through a representative or delegate such person who is the legal representative of the data subject. In this case, the Personal Information Protection Law Enforcement Regulations of the power of attorney must be submitted in accordance with Attachment No. 11 Rich.

  1. Complete entry of personal information processed

① <MINIROBOT Corp. “(hereinafter ‘’ ‘MINIROBOT”) is located, and then processes the personal information section.


– Mandatory: your home address, date of birth, mobile phone number, name, e-mail, mobile phone numbers attorney, legal representative home address, home telephone number, legal guardian, legal representative name

– Select:

  1. Destruction of Personal Information <MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is a rule, if the purpose of processing personal information has been achieved, you will destroy the private information without delay. Procedures for destruction, deadlines and methods are as follows:

– Destruction procedures

User-entered information is transferred to a separate DB after achieving the purpose will be destroyed after a certain period of time, depending on the stored (in the case of a separate paper documents) and other relevant laws and regulations or internal policies immediately. In this case, the personal data transferred to the DB will not be used for other purposes not stand the case according to law.

– Destruction deadline

User’s personal information is held within 5 days from the end date of the period, when the retention period has elapsed privacy, personal data processing objectives, the abolition of the service, such as the personal information of the business is shut down when not required when personal information You are in the process destroying the personal information within 5 days from the date of deemed unnecessary.

– Method of destruction

Electronic files of information must use the technical means I can not play a record.

Personal information printed on paper shredder or destroyed by incineration.

  1. ensure safety measures of personal information <MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is the Privacy Act, pursuant to Article 29 and the technical / administrative, and physical measures necessary to ensure safety as follows:
  1. Privacy and minimizing staff training

Are designated for employees who handle personal information and minimize enforcement measures to limit the personnel to manage your personal information.

  1. Audit conducted its regular

Personal information related to the handling stability on a regular basis (quarterly) and conduct a self-audit.

  1. Establishment and implementation of internal control plan

We develop and implement an internal control plan for safe handling of personal information.

  1. encryption of personal information

I personal information will be encrypted and password storage and management, and important data can be seen in person that you can only use an extra security features such as encryption of files and transfer data or use file locking.

  1. The technical measures against hacking

<MINIROBOT Corp. “(” MINIROBOT “) is to install a security program to prevent personal information leakage and damage caused by hacking or computer viruses, and periodic updates, the checks and the system to which access is controlled areas from the outside installation and technical / physical monitoring and blocking.

  1. Restricting access to personal information

Granting of access rights to the database system to process your personal information, change, through the cancellation has measures necessary for the access control for personal information, you are using a firewall controls unauthorized access from outside.

  1. Storage and forgery prevention of access records

Privacy recorded over a minimum of six months to keep connected to the processing system, and manage, and access records forgery and theft, we use security features to prevent loss.

  1. Use of locks for document security

The documents contain personal information, and keep it in a safe place, such as a secondary storage medium with locking.

  1. Access control to unauthorized parties

With the physical storage location that is kept separate from this personal information to establish procedures for access control, and management.

  1. Privacy Officer creation

① (State) mini-robots (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT) is responsible to oversee the work related to their handling of personal information, complaints and remedies of the data subject relating to the handling of personal information and specify the Privacy Officer as follows for you and more.

Privacy Officer and Division

Director: You Dong-Jae

Department: security management

Contact: 032-260-7272,, 032-260-7273

※ links to the privacy department.

② Information subject kkeseoneun Co., mini robots (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT) of the service (or business) hasimyeonseo take advantage of all that occurred privacy-related inquiries, complaints, and remedies concerning the You can contact the Privacy Officer and the department. (Note) MINIROBOT Corp. (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) is processed without delay and will keep you answer inquiries about the data subject.

  1. visual information processing equipment installation and operation

① <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’) is installing visual information processing devices, and operates as follows.

  1. visual information processing equipment installation based, purpose: the <MINIROBOT Corp.> (‘’ below ‘MINIROBOT’)
  1. Install algebra, installation location, shooting range:

– Installation number: 1

– Installation location: Access copper side

– Shooting range: Entrance copper side

  1. Administrative Officer, Department for video Kanji and access information: Department Technical Director Jeon Yeong-Soo
  1. The video information recording time, storage time, storage space, processing methods

– Recording Time: 24

– Storage Period: 7 days from the time of shooting

– Storage location and processed by Memory Storage

  1. The image information verification method and location: Make Memory PC
  1. Measures for viewing visual information needs of the data subject, including: personal view video information shall apply to the presence confirmation invoice, if the data subject which they were taken or the life of a data subject clearly necessary for the body to property income Allowed to read only

.. 7. technical managerial physical protection measures for the image information:

  1. Change Privacy Policy

① This Privacy Policy is applicable effective date, a further change in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies, there is the case that deletions and corrections will be posted throughout the seven days notice prior to implementation of the change.

Your privacy kkeseoneun all complaints arising saving of using the company’s services can be reported to the Privacy Officer or the department. Our company is happy to answer quickly enough for the declaration of the users.

If you need counseling or other personal information to report the violation, please contact the following organizations.

  1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
  2. Information Security Marking Committee (
  3. Prosecutors’ Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
  4. Police Cyber Terror Response Center (
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